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Tools for losing weight and gaining health.

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Track Your Fasts

Think of the Timer as your home base for fasting. Set your goal, start the Timer, and watch your progress. Keep track of how you feel as the fast progresses and stay motivated with personalized content. Then, once you hit your goal, log your Fast Breaker meal, log your exercise, and get ready to set your next goal!


Make Real Progress

Know what happens inside your body during a fast. Developed in consultation with our Scientific Advisory Board, Fasting Zones reveal when your body reaches fat-burning and ketosis as you log meals, activity, and more.


Learn from Experts

Fuel your fasts with articles and videos curated by Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Peter Attia. Gain vital knowledge to transform your health.


Chart Your Health  

Plot your progress and assess your journey. Sync with wearables and apps to identify fasting correlations with heart rate, weight loss, and other personal health metrics.


Challenge Yourself

Join group fasts and special events to stay connected and keep yourself accountable. Earn achievement badges for all your accomplishments.

Why Fasting?

Fasting is a powerful tool for living a longer, healthier life.

Peer-reviewed research is increasingly showing the advantages of fasting — and there are plenty. To name just a few:

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Member Stories

This is Zero

Zero has helped me maintain the weight that I've lost. But more importantly, I do not feel deprived of anything.


- Hafsa

Member Stories


This is Zero

Fasting with Zero has been life-changing and life-saving.

- Susana

Member Stories


This is Zero

I feel and look better than I ever have.

- Carlos

Member Stories


This is Zero

I’m a mentally stronger person thanks to fasting.

- Christine

member Stories


This is Zero

I'm much more focused because there's no cravings anymore.

- Chad

Member Stories


This is Zero

I feel so much more energetic than I was even in my twenties.

- Michael

Fuel your fasts

Expert Knowledge, Real Success

Our ever-growing library stays current with the latest research to help you advance your awareness alongside your fasting practice.

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