Fasting and Feasting: Your Thanksgiving Roundup

Before you chow down, gobble up these articles—here’s to a happy, healthy Thanksgiving.

We’re all for indulging on Thanksgiving (hence preparing with the #FastBeforeTheFeast), but some might want to avoid going all in on carbs this Thursday—hello, blood sugar spikes. That’s why we’ve brainstormed some smart swaps that will still give you all the holiday feels. Check out more on the impact of high-carb meals and recipes that are as tasty as they are glycemic-index friendly.
If you’ve been fasting in preparation for the feast, check out what foods to eat—and which to avoid—when breaking your fast. Hint: breaking your fast with a small, metabolism-friendly meal in advance of the feast is recommended.
How do you enjoy a Thanksgiving bonanza without spiking your blood sugar through the stratosphere? Check out the “ideal” typical Turkey Day foods to fill up your plate, and in what proportion. Protein is obviously a big player here, but you can still enjoy your sauces and sides.
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  • It was amazing I broke my fast with some smoked oysters & eggs black coffee. I still feel great but will go easy on the carbs on feast day. 🦃😃

  • I’ll get to eat in about 45 minutes…I feel great. Tuesday morning I was feeling a little dizzy so I did eat a few pieces of dried fruit but the rest of the time was strictly liquids.

  • I get to eat in an hour and am having eggs and steamed veggies. Survived on water, green tea, and one cup of bullion on Monday and Tuesday. Stomach has really been growling this afternoon!!

  • I have 2 hours left and still feeling good. I grabbed a nice piece of salmon, bone broth and some steamed vegetables to break my fast. Can’t believe how solid I felt heading into the 3rd day. It’s smart to break the fast today because tomorrow I might have gone overboard.

  • So far I’ve been feeling better than ever with the Circadian fast. I want to kick it up to the next step. any recommendations?

  • I have approximately 30 minutes left before I can break my fast and I plan on having bone broth, sprouted pili nuts, and pumpkin seeds. I might have some chicken or an egg shortly after that. I can hardly wait.

  • I broke my fast with eggs and bacon chaffle sandwich. It was yummy and I felt really good during the extended fast. Did several good workouts and actually felt more energized after !

  • I fasted 16 hours today and am fasting again. It will be 22 hours before we have our Thanksgiving dinner. Stayed busy cleaning and organizing the last week. My goal is to NOT gain any weight tomorrow 😊

  • It feels interesting to fast with this program :). I fasted for 27 hours yesterday, broke my fast with cheese and eggs. Great!

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