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There’s no better feeling than that first bite of food post-fast, so it made sense to make sharing that moment of joy even easier. Starting today, after ending a fast, you’ll have the option to share your #FastBreaker with the world (and show off info about the fast you just completed). Check out the steps below, then start sharing.

  • End your fast
  • Tap the “Share Your Fast Breaker” button on the “Save your fast” screen
  • Snap a pic of your post-fast meal
  • Share!

To celebrate the joy of fast breaking, we’ve partnered with Heka Good Foods to reward three lucky winners who use this feature by January 20, 2020. Share your #FastBreaker photo from the app on Instagram, and tag @zerofasting for a chance to win a box of Heka bars—the perfect on-the-go fast breaker. Check out full terms here.

Need more #FastBreaker ideas? Our nutritionist rounded up some top tips and three recipes for you to try the next time you’re breaking a fast here. Spoiler alert: avoid carbs and start small with that first meal!

Happy fast breaking,

Team Zero

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