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There’s no better feeling than that first bite of food post-fast, so it made sense to make sharing that moment of joy even easier. Starting today, after ending a fast, you’ll have the option to share your #FastBreaker with the world (and show off info about the fast you just completed). Check out the steps below, then start sharing.

  • End your fast
  • Tap the “Share Your Fast Breaker” button on the “Save your fast” screen
  • Snap a pic of your post-fast meal
  • Share!

To celebrate the joy of fast breaking, we’ve partnered with Heka Good Foods to reward three lucky winners who use this feature by January 20, 2020. Share your #FastBreaker photo from the app on Instagram, and tag @zerofasting for a chance to win a box of Heka bars—the perfect on-the-go fast breaker. Check out full terms here.

Need more #FastBreaker ideas? Our nutritionist rounded up some top tips and three recipes for you to try the next time you’re breaking a fast here. Spoiler alert: avoid carbs and start small with that first meal!

Happy fast breaking,

Team Zero

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  • Suggestion:
    1. Give us an option to pull from our Gallery. I ate lunch today after fasting. This update happened. Went to edit my fast with a #fastbreaker pic but the only option is to TAKE one with the camera instead of opening up my gallery and selecting what I ate.

  • You guys are so creative and innovative… possible the result of the boost in the brain from fasting??
    A great idea to increase the accountability..I’m certain it will help me extend the fast longer :o)

  • Great idea as I am in a IF group. One question, can we edit our fasts? Sometimes I forget to hit start or stop!

    • You can edit stop and start times, as well as fast type at any time during the fast.

      For example… I stopped eating yesterday at 5:30… But forgot to hit my timer… Just now (next day)I went in and started my fast timer and set it for yesterday at 5:30… It will end today at 11:30 … 18:6…

      Super simple and easy. 🙂

  • Great addition!
    Could you please add an hourly body change feature that tells us what’s happening to our body every hour we fast please ? (autophagy, fat burn … etc)
    I see others sharing that in IF groups and i dont wanna change the app to get it

  • Great idea. Been doing this sharing on Instagram for a while now long before this addition. Will share my fast breaker before the 20th. My extended fast is now at 25 hours from a 16:8. Plan to go 30 maybe 36

  • Nice! Already broke my fast today, so I hope to remember tomorrow!! Means I better get busy food prepping for the week, eh??!!

    • I think it’s more about what your body needs which is something you know you can easily absorb/are not allergic to. Sometimes I break fast with a pea protein shake w/ non dairy milk (nut milk) so my body can adjust and then I have a meal. To go for long period and then to unknowingly give you tummy something that inflames it sorta defeats the purpose….

    • How many calories are you eating compared to your basic metabolic rate + exercise? Have you considered an even shorter feeding window if you are still eating too much food?

      Are you eating in the morning or evening?

      Are you sleeping at least 7 hours of quality sleep every night?

      Maybe give it some more time 🙂 try and focus on changing your habits , if they change permanently then even a small weekly change in weight will add up over time.

  • Adding a feature to invite friends and family to follow each other and provide support would be great. I have shared this app with many people, but disappointed we cannot follow each other.

  • I have been doing the 18:6 fasting for two weeks now, but have not lost a pound. I am a 61 year old female and only drink water, flavored sparking water, and plan blonde americano coffee from Starbucks when fasting. I love the structure fasting gives me. I don’t snack anymore like I use to. Am I doing something wrong? Help please. I need to loose 21 pounds. I also do spin classes and walk for exercise.

    • Starbucks….even if it seems okay, there is a hell of a lot of sugar in their drinks. Flavoured water also has a lot of sugar. For me personally, fasting works best if I eliminate sugar and carbs. This will also help you with cravings and that feeling of hunger:

  • Can we just save the picture to this app? I would like to have a way to record my meals but not to Facebook or instagram-

  • How do you guys break your fast ? I’m playing on doing a 6 day fast ..
    The longest fast I’ve done before was 9 days. Since I’ve done 3-5 day fasts and I always end up breaking them the incorrect way.
    As soon as i consume solids, I need to RUN to the restroom 😰
    Please help!

  • After fasting what are u guys usually eating? I’m just wondering coz after I’m doing fasting I ate bread ,pasta, and green juice,then I will start fasting again,pls let me know if I’m doing wrong

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