Start Your Year, Start Your Timer

It’s the time of year when millions decide to recommit to their health. The time when gym membership signups skyrocket, new diet plans are Googled, and sugar becomes a dirty word. While we’re all about a focus on health, we don’t think it should be limited to unrealistic plans that are focused on one month out of the year.

That’s why we’re introducing a challenge for the month of January that will help you build healthy habits to carry you through the rest of 2020—after all, fasting is a lifestyle.

Join Our January Challenge

So how are we setting you up for success? By simply asking you to start your timer every day for one month. We all fast (stop eating) at some point each day, so let’s get more mindful by tracking those moments—even if it’s just from the time you fall asleep to the time that you wake up.

Follow along with us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and here on our blog throughout the month as we guide you through building healthy habits related to sleep, nutrition, fitness…and of course fasting. Each week, we’ll having guest appearances from some of your favorite influencers and prizes from some of your favorite brands. Check out the lineup:

January 1-11 | Building Healthy Habits

From the psychology of habit formation to improving your pre-bedtime routine, we’re diving into how healthy habits are made. Follow along with us for a chance to win prizes from our friends at Oura and Chili.

January 12-18 | Nutrition in the New Year

We know that the choices you make during your feeding window become even more important alongside a fasting practice, so we’re teaming up with some favorite foodies to bring you recipes and meal prep tips.

January 19-25 | Fitness and Fasting

Last year, many of you asked us if you should exercise while fasting? The short answer: yes. The long answer: follow along with us for info on how to balance your fitness alongside your fasting practice.

January 26-31 | Holding onto Healthy Habits

By the end of January, you’ll be a pro at starting your timer each day and making mindful wellness decisions. So we’ll be discussing how you hold onto these new healthy habits of yours. The best part? We’re rounding up the ultimate prize pack with discounts and products from all of our partners to reward one lucky winner who’s stuck with us for the entire month.

So get ready to start your timers, and start 2020 on a strong note. 

To enter, sign up with your email below, or Like and Comment on any of our January posts on Instagram.

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