The Fast Food Plan

Maintaining your fasting practice can be challenging at times — social outings that revolve around eating, challenging workplace food environments, and peers who aren’t understanding of your health choices all contribute to a lower success rate in hitting your goals. The good news is that there is emerging research around a plan that can offset those problems; the Fast Food Plan.

The Fast Food Plan allows you to mimic regular eating behaviors while enjoying the benefits of a zero calorie lifestyle during your fasting window. Recent studies suggest that individuals who supplement their fasting practice with the Fast Food Plan are 68% more likely to be successful in achieving their goals. We sat down with a leading clinician to review each menu item, and the corresponding benefits, in greater detail.

The Nothing Burger™

Lab technicians for the Fast Food Plan spent six years testing various ingredients that could be included in their leading menu item and arrived at a perfect blend of a whole lot of, well, nothing. The packaging is reminiscent of other burger options that you can purchase on the go, and can even be left crumpled in the floor of your car. If you’re dining in a more formal setting during your fasting window, the Nothing Burger™ can be plated alongside other Fast Food Plan menu items (and will always ensure you’re a member of the clean plate club).

After conducting exhaustive comparison studies, our leading nutritionist outlined how this first-of-its-kind burger stacks up against other alternatives:


While you won’t find the satisfying, salty crunch that typically accompanies chips in the Fast Food Plan’s iChips™, you will be incredibly refreshed after consuming the recommended serving size of 10. Composed of only frozen H20, these chips pack a punch of icy goodness with none of the guilt associated with a classic potato chip. In recent lab studies, mice that were provided with only iChips™ were 100% more likely to consume fewer calories than their counterparts who were given potato chips during their daily fasting window, and saw a notable decrease in weight over the course of three weeks.

Soda Cup™

Hydration is key when you’re in a fasted state, but water isn’t consumed as frequently as it should be. In a survey of 3,003 Americans, researchers found that 75% had a net fluid loss, resulting in chronic dehydration. Scientists at the Fast Food Plan worked with focus groups to learn the most common causes and found that water bottles were high on the list. 70% of individuals worried about the environmental impact plastic water bottles have, while 30% worried their peers would judge them for being overly health-conscious when only consuming water. These findings led to the invention of the Soda Cup™ — 100% compostable and able to conceal your water from prying eyes. While everyone thinks you’re sipping on sugary soda, you’ll know you’re staying hydrated and in a fasted state.

Interested in signing up for the Fast Food Plan? No need! Head to your kitchen for some ice, water, and a whole lot of nothing.

Happy April Fast Day,

Team Zero

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