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This prize pack is valued at almost $2,000, so enter here with your email address, or by following the instructions on our Instagram post.

January’s almost over, but your healthy habits should be here to stay. If you think of your habits like drops of water on a stone surface, you know intuitively that the individual drop of water is insignificant—it rolls off the surface and the stone remains intact. But over time, with repetition, the water is stronger than the stone, and it carves a new channel.

Every time you repeat a positive habit, you’re priming your future self for success, drop-by-drop. After this month, the channel is just beginning to emerge from the stone. Now you have to become “endlessly fascinated” by your new habit to ensure the channel deepens and remains with you for life. That’s why we’re giving away all these awesome prizes to make your new habits even more interesting, and easier to become obsessed with.

Obviously, the main habit we’re trying to encourage is a sustainable fasting practice, but there are so many pieces tied into your overall health that go hand-in-hand with fasting: nutrition, sleep, movement, and mental fortitude. The best motivator for maintaining these habits is a clear vision of the version of “you” that you want to become 5, 10, even 15 years from now.

But, as James Clear points out in Atomic Habits, “We all want better lives for our future selves. However, when the moment of decision arrives, instant gratification usually wins.” It’s one of his laws of habit forming: make it attractive.

And nothing makes a habit more attractive than an awesome giveaway, does it? Especially when each item in our Grand Prize is designed to remove friction, and make maintaining habits a little easier in the long run. So go ahead—enter your email above or head over to Instagram, then get back to your habits.

Happy Fasting in 2020,

Team Zero

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